Why You Should Purchase a Commissioned Painting

4 September 2020
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Have you ever owned an original painting from an artist you respect? It is incredible how a painting can change the entire feeling of a home just by being hung. Now imagine how you would feel if that same artist created an original piece just for you. Painting commissions are becoming increasingly popular and may be just what you didn't know you have been needing. Here are a few reasons why you may want to get in contact with your favorite artist and commission a painting. Read More 

Unwanted Artwork In Your Collection? 5 Things You Can Do

27 May 2020
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As an art collector, you may find yourself buying both individual artworks as well as groups of art collected together. While purchasing in larger quantities gives you the benefit of variety and a bigger 'bang for your buck', you may also end up with art that doesn't entirely appeal to you. What should you do if this happens? Here are a few solutions for any collector. 1. Learn More About It. Read More