Why You Should Purchase a Commissioned Painting

4 September 2020
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Have you ever owned an original painting from an artist you respect? It is incredible how a painting can change the entire feeling of a home just by being hung. Now imagine how you would feel if that same artist created an original piece just for you. Painting commissions are becoming increasingly popular and may be just what you didn't know you have been needing. Here are a few reasons why you may want to get in contact with your favorite artist and commission a painting.


If you have been a fan of an artist's work for some time and then commission art from them, a connection is made. They all the sudden become real and reachable, allowing you to be a part of their creative process. You will likely find that you feel important and excited to be a part of it all. 

Capture a Feeling

In addition to simply being a part of the process, commissioning a painting allows you to express yourself in a creative form, through the hands of the artist. Even though you may not be artistic, you can still capture a feeling by allowing a professional to put it on a canvas. Many commissioned paintings are personal and emotional, enabling those who view it to see what was on the heart and mind of the person who commissioned it. 

Create a Centerpiece

While it is fine to place a generic piece of art on your walls, an original commissioned piece will turn heads. Instead of being just another painting or portrait in your home, a commissioned piece will stand out and become a centerpiece. These pieces are often the crown of the collection, enabling owners to feel as though their collection of a certain artist is complete. If you are thinking about getting a commissioned piece from your favorite artist, you should reach out before it is too late. 

In conclusion, getting an original, commissioned piece of art may be an experience that you never forget. In addition, not only will you have your painting to remember it all with, your future generations will be able to keep the painting in the family, allowing them to remember your specific aesthetic and personality. A well-done commissioned piece of art will always embody and capture the feelings of the one who commissioned it, even if it not a portrait of them.

If you are interested in painting commissions, contact a local artist today.