Unwanted Artwork In Your Collection? 5 Things You Can Do

27 May 2020
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As an art collector, you may find yourself buying both individual artworks as well as groups of art collected together. While purchasing in larger quantities gives you the benefit of variety and a bigger 'bang for your buck', you may also end up with art that doesn't entirely appeal to you. What should you do if this happens? Here are a few solutions for any collector.

1. Learn More About It. If you don't like a particular work or style, a better understanding might help you appreciate it more. Research the artist's history and goals. Learn about the particular school he or she worked in. Examine the painting's provenance, style, methodology, and materials. Any of these aspects could turn the item into something you enjoy once you know it better. 

2. Sell the Piece. Of course, even if you fully understand an artwork, that doesn't guarantee you will be drawn to keep it. In this case, you may be able to sell it individually to a different collector. The best place to find collectors of more esoteric or less-understood works is within a niche market. Art dealers and collectors who specialize in that niche can help you identify places to do so. 

3. Make a New Collection. If you ended up with one item you don't really want to keep, you likely have (or will have) others. Why not form a new collection made up of these unwanted works and then sell it as a group? You may be able to clear out your collection of several items you aren't attached to and make room — and get capital — for something else.

4. Trade It. Selling isn't the only option for collectors. You may be able to trade it for a work that you do want. Trading could be a great option for budget-minded collectors and even opens up your options to collectors or dealers who might not be able to purchase your item outright. 

5. Donate It. Art donation helps both you and the community. If you donate an unwanted work, you feel good — and you may get a deduction in the process. The community benefits by having an additional item that others can enjoy. Look for a community dedicated to the type of art you want to donate so you can find a recipient who will be eager to receive your piece. 

Which of these five options would benefit your collection the most? Whether you decide to learn to appreciate something more, find an eager new buyer, trade for something new, or simply give it away, the art world will be enriched and your collection will be further personalized. Learn more about these and other choices by speaking with an art gallery or dealer like Hyphy Art in your area today.