Modern Contemporary Paintings And Popular Styles

7 August 2019
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Collectors who are active within the art world should all be able to find paintings that they like. Lots of different styles are in use in the broader art community today. Some art movements have never really gone away, and some of them have become even more influential these days. It's common for contemporary paintings to be classic and groundbreaking simultaneously, which many gallery owners, artists, art enthusiasts, and art collectors should appreciate. Surreal works of art are appearing everywhere now. 

Surrealist Paintings Are Becoming More Popular Today

There has been an audience for striking, surreal paintings for a long time now. However, the people who visit modern art galleries will now find a lot of new abstract, and surreal drawings and paintings. Surrealist works of art are almost inherently unique, which can mean a lot to many collectors.

The artists who choose this style will often still use some recognizable images, but they will still reinterpret those elements in a way that's distinct. Some surreal paintings will be very complex, while others will seem simple at first. Many artists are now moving away from minimalism, so even the paintings that seem uncomplicated might have interesting subtle characteristics.

Minimalist Art Styles Are Somewhat Less Prominent Now

Plenty of collectors and artists still like minimalist paintings and drawings. However, lots of people in the artistic community are now focusing on more elaborate pieces of artwork. Combining a lot of different design elements into one painting can produce a very interesting result. Some artists are specifically trying to create paintings that will capture people's attention for hours. Of course, it's still possible to get those sorts of results with a piece that uses familiar and natural themes. 

Lots of Modern Art Now Celebrates Nature

Artists have always painted landscapes and natural features. These sorts of paintings are still being created now. Lots of artists are now painting flowers in a very stylized manner, giving them the chance to create something that is very traditional and very unconventional at the same time. Other artists are focusing on some of the fine details associated with plants, which can help people look at these commonplace parts of the environment in a new way. For instance, the rings of a tree trunk can look very different when artists avoid depicting the rest of the tree. They can create similar effects with a number of different plants.

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