Three Tips To Help You Appreciate Abstract Art

21 November 2018
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Sometimes people are dismissive of abstract art. They say things like "anyone can do that," but nothing could be further from the truth. According to Thought Co., abstract art is any form of art that is nonrepresentational, that means it doesn't portray recognizable real-life subject matter like people, places, or things. Abstract art is a fascinating and beautiful branch of the arts, and it's worth taking the time to appreciate. Here are three ways you can learn to enjoy abstract art:

1. Spend some time with the painting

Unlike other forms of art that more readily divulge their meaning, abstract art is meant to be savored. Take your time to really study abstract paintings and take it all in. Try walking closer and farther away from the painting, since you will notice different things from various vantage points. In general, smaller paintings are meant to be viewed up close, while larger paintings are meant to be viewed at a distance. Whatever you do, don't let yourself be hurried.

2. Pay attention to composition and color

Abstract art can be very technically advanced. Abstract artists pay close attention to the composition and balance of their piece and endeavor to make their art visually pleasing. Study the art and try to find the focal point. Figure out which areas have the most visual weight. Also, pay close attention to the artist's use of color. Ask yourself if the artist was aiming to build harmony using the colors in the piece or if they were striving to bring energy to the piece using discordant colors.

3. Think about how the way it makes you feel

Like all good art, abstract art is meant to provoke feelings in the viewer. While you look at an abstract painting, notice what feelings arise. Some paintings may make you feel happy, content, and peaceful. Other paintings can make you feel nervous or excited. Try to figure out what prompts those feelings in you, whether it's the quality of the lines or the force of the brushstrokes.

Abstract art is an exciting and fresh part of the art world. It's not solely the purview of art critics and gallery owners; abstract art can be accessible and enjoyable to everyone. These are just a few tips to get you thinking about abstract art and appreciating it in a new way. There are many kinds of abstract paintings, and you're sure to find some pieces that resonate with you. If you find a painting that you particularly like, you should purchase it and bring it home with you so you can enjoy it every day.